The possibilities are truly endless. Stop by today and browse pictures of our previous cakes to get inspired.

Don’t go completely unrepresented at your wedding

Many people say that the wedding is all about the bride, but that’s not really true. The wedding is about celebrating both of you, both as individuals, and as a couple who are taking their first steps in their lives together. Don’t let yourself get overlooked on your own wedding day. Even if you leave all of the rest of the planning to her, make a statement with your own groom’s cake.

Your groom’s cake is your opportunity to leave an impression on your wedding day with a special centerpiece created to embody you. Whether you just want some chocolate in the sea of white and pastels, or want to get creative with a custom design, call us and start creating.

eshyjuksvyz01dr8xjegnlkgjhiDon’t let your bride have all the fun on your wedding day. Create a cake that shows off your own personality and style and let us bring your vision to life.

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Surprise the love of your life with cake

Do you want to surprise your groom with something special on your wedding day? Come in and work with us to design him a cake that shows off how much you love and value him just for who he is. Set it up at the reception before the ceremony, and then watch the delight when he discovers his custom confection.

The possibilities are endless

  • Keep your cake simple and classic with chocolate-on-chocolate and chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Rival the bride with a tiered cake
  • Choose from a variety of shapes, including round, square, a custom     shapes
  • Show off your favorite sports team, hobby, or passion with a completely unique design

You don’t have to wait for your wedding to celebrate with a custom cake. Ask us about crafting a personalized cake for your bachelor party or groomsman event and start celebrating early.